We offer many different programs and services that meet the needs of those of all ages, backgrounds and income levels throughout our community.  Our office is located in Hamilton, Ohio and we work to improve lives in southwest Ohio and additional surrounding areas.  We offer a range of innovative, cost-effective programs for individuals, families, groups, and schools serving people at all points in the span of life.

Our programs include:

Elderly Services Program providing Care Management and Information and Referral of home-based services that can assist with aging-related challenges and help to ensure continued independence.

Elder Victim Advocate supplying advocates to serve as the link between elder victims of crime and the necessary supports they need in order to respond to special circumstances.  

Coaching and Financial Wellness provides experienced financial coaches and life coaches to help you sort through your personal situation, set goals, and create realistic action plans to address your needs and achieve your goals.

School Based Support Services via Support Workers who reduce and/or remove the barriers to academic achievement and increase students’ success and overall mental health.

Guardianship of our community’s most vulnerable residents—elderly, mentally ill and developmentally disabled people who have no family member able or willing to look out for them.

Representative Payee services provide financial peace of mind for clients by prioritizing expenses, paying bills on time. budgeting money, and issuing spending allocations weekly.


For additional information or to speak to our knowledgeable staff about any of our programs, call (513) 868-3210 to be directed to the appropriate program.