Who We Are

a group of Community First Solutions employees

About Community First Solutions

Community First Solutions is a nonprofit network based out of Butler County, Ohio, that provides a broad continuum of services to meet the diverse health and wellness needs of more than 30,000 residents throughout the region. As a not-for-profit network, we are deeply committed to the people we serve, and care and compassion drive our teams to fulfill our mission each day.

Our nonprofit network includes:

Community. We at Community First have a special connection to that word. Not only does it identify us, but it also describes what we do every day. It describes the people who make our work meaningful in large and small ways. It means we are proud to be part of the larger community that we serve.


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Our History

More than 100 years ago, we began when an innovative woman gifted her house to meet the needs of older adults, and a group of philanthropists came together to make their vision a reality. These visionary local leaders recognized the need for “a home to which people might go who were no longer able to work… of which they could be such a vital part that they could still maintain their independence.” During an era when older adults were confined to poverty, almshouses and sanitariums, it was a nationally innovative concept.

For more than a century, we have built upon this mission – developing senior living communities that foster vitality and independence for residents of all levels of care. Through the years, we have expanded beyond our residential campuses to support older adults throughout our region and now provide a broad continuum of high-quality services.

Today, the difference we make is magnified because as a group of not-for-profits united as Community First Solutions, we pool resources and expertise to make a collective impact on healthcare, wellness, older adult housing, behavioral health, pharmaceutical services and even early childhood education.

We will continue to pursue growth – in existing and new markets – to support the mission of Community First and the needs of the communities we serve.

Our Vision

The vision of Community First Solutions is to identify and develop innovative and sustainable programs that enhance individual lives.

Our Values

People, Quality, Integrity, Compassion, Community

Executive Leadership Team

Board of Directors

As a not-for-profit organization, we are governed by community-based volunteers who are dedicated to serving the community and fulfilling our mission. Our Board of Directors offers valuable leadership that ensures Community First responds to local needs and serves as an effective steward of services and resources.

  • Nick Ziepfel, Chair
  • Dr. William Fant, Vice Chair
  • John Kirsch, Treasurer
  • Randy Oppenheimer, Secretary
  • Pete Abner
  • Neil Cohen
  • Timothy Egloff
  • Raquel Loveberry
  • Robin Miller
  • Larry Mulligan
  • Andrew Schuster
  • Rob Weigel
  • Jon Whalen
Brett Kirkpatrick (1)

Brett Kirkpatrick
President & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Krause (1)

Brian Krause
Chief Financial Officer

Stacey Andrews (1)

Stacey Andrews
Director of Human Resources

Danielle Webb (1)

Danielle Webb
Vice President of Marketing & Community Relations

Erin Day (1)

Erin Day
Vice President of Behavioral Health Services

Kelley Lawrence (1)

Kelley Lawrence
Vice President of Health Services

Stephanie Braudrick with Glasses

Stephanie Braudrick
Vice President of Sales

Patty Fawns (1)

Patty Fawns
Corporate Executive Assistant