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Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment combines the use of therapy and prescription medications that are designed to shut down the cravings that can derail recovery efforts. Getting clean and staying sober requires accountability and a strong support network.  We want to use every resource available to help them get sober and stay sober.

 Once a client seeks medical attention from us, the next step is to cease drug use for at least seven days. Comfort medications may be given by a doctor, as needed, to help support the client through withdrawal symptoms.

 After seven to 10 days (and lab work to verify the client is eligible for Vivitrol injections), clients will receive an oral dose of Naltrexone, for two to three days before receiving an injection of Vivitrol. These are medications approved by the Federal Drug Administration to treat alcohol dependence, and to prevent relapse to opioid dependence after an opioid detox. By blocking opiate receptors, clients no longer crave the drugs. Every 30 days for 12 months, clients will receive the injection. In addition, they will continue to meet with their peer group and counselor. If they need other assistance, such as help finding a job, a social worker can help arrange services and direct the client to programs available.

Drug Court

Drug Court is typically the first place for intervention when a client has been convicted of a crime involving substance abuse. Drug Court offers an opportunity to achieve sobriety AND avoid jail time by completing an intensive outpatient treatment program.

This year-long intensive outpatient treatment program provides multiple levels of care including relapse prevention programs.

Drug court is comprised of three phases:

  • Intensive Outpatient program – three times per week for three hours
  • Outpatient program – two times per week for two hours
  • Aftercare

Outpatient Drug Court programs currently available:

  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Adult outpatient programs
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family sessions
  • Individual sessions

The Drug Court Program is certified by Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and accredited by The Joint Commission.

Butler County Drug Court is a member of The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP).

Non-Residential Felony Diversion Program

The Day Reporting Center of Butler County offers programming and services for its court-involved, at-risk populations. Our services educate and meet a client’s needs for rehabilitation during probation. This type of rehabilitation can help an individual avoid jail time and can lead to a safer community.

If an individual is on probation and qualifies for the Non-Residential Felony Diversion Program, they may participate in one of the following educational classes or groups:

  • Anger management
  • Batterers Intervention Group
  • New Perspectives Group
  • Theft Class
  • Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Life skills/Corrective Thinking

The Non-Residential Felony Diversion Program currently offers day and evening adult intensive outpatient programs.

The Non-Residential Felony Diversion Program works with clients on a sliding scale fee structure and receives some funding to serve the indigent population of Butler County.

Diversion and Countermeasures

This full-day educational program is geared toward misdemeanor offenses such as open container violations, underage consumption, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The program consists of a screening and a class.

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Substance Abuse Education Program

Designed for clients who have experienced consequences related to alcohol or drug use and may be in the early stages of chemical dependency, the goal of the program is to provide education concerning the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs and how to avoid high risk behaviors.

This program also helps monitor clients who may be in the early stages of addiction. If signs of dependency are present, such as positive drug screens or admissions of drug and alcohol use, the client may be referred to a higher level of care such as Outpatient Treatment or Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Best practice risk reduction concepts are integrated throughout the program.

Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC)

When a client has been faced with legal issues involving substance abuse, an assessment by TASC may be scheduled to determine the level of care needed to continue toward a healthy rehabilitation. A TASC representative will work to connect the client with appropriate mental health and chemical dependency services and case management resources.

 We currently offer:

  • Adult Assessments
  • Case Management
  • Drug Screenings

 TASC is a member of the Ohio and National TASC Networks and receives funding through an Ohio Department of Mental Health and  Addiction Services grant.

Teen Intervention Group

The Teen Intervention Group is designed to help adolescents unlearn their substance use patterns and to address family and social factors that contribute to their use. Adolescents experience peer pressure and other cues every day that trigger cravings and thoughts about using. This program serves as an alternative to suspension or expulsion and clients must attend regular group therapy and successfully pass drug screens through the duration of the 90-day program.

The Youth First Teen Intervention Group Schedule

Hamilton |  Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Middletown | Mondays & Wednesdays from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m..

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