In December, The New York Times published an article stating that more than half of medications prescribed to Americans are not filled. One of the main reasons is that many cannot afford it. “Too often I see patients come in with $600 copays for just one of their insulins,” says Ashely Hoehn, a pharmacist at Community First. “On top of their other medications it can cost more than a mortgage payment just to stay alive!” Luckily, Community First Pharmacy is one of the very few non-profit pharmacies in the nation and offers some alternatives.

Community First Pharmacy is able to charge lower costs for lifesaving medications, because it does not charge high fees like for-profit pharmacies. Its partnership with Primary Health Solutions, a Federally Qualified Health Center, also offers greater access to reduced pricing that make some unaffordable medications, like insulin, affordable. Despite these perks, it can still be a challenge to find cheaper options. “Our problem-solving skills are put to the test daily,” adds Ashley. Often, the answer is finding equally effective off-brand substitutes. “We also research manufacturer coupons or other assistance programs that may help reduce costs,” says Ashley.

By making medications more affordable, Community First Pharmacy hopes to increase access to medications people need to survive. “We are truly focused on the patient’s well-being first,” says Ashley. That is why she and her staff work so hard for every patient that comes through the door. It just might save someone’s life.

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