There’s a fine line between stepping in to help and stepping on toes. So, how do you know when someone would really benefit from extra help, and how do you find a balance of independence and assistance to ensure that loved one is able to stay at home safely?

At Community First Solutions, we partner with members of our community to find solutions that help individuals achieve wellness emotionally and physically. Our experts at Colonial at Home see firsthand how sometimes a little help can make a big difference in quality of life. Whether someone has broken a hip, shows signs of dementia or just isn’t getting around quite as easily as years past, we partner daily with families to offer services that make living at home possible.

Perhaps you’ve just started researching possible plans, or maybe you are close to finding an ideal solution. Either way, we have a few tips from experienced travelers on this often stressful and difficult journey.

Make a list of concerns

You’ve been noticing big and little things. What caused you to pause and think about your loved one needing more help? What safety concerns have caused you concern? What daily activities have become the most difficult for your loved one to complete?

Make a wish list

In a perfect world, if you could make life easier for your loved one, what do you think he or she might need to be safer and healthier at home?

Get an idea of what is available

Before you launch into full blown problem-solving mode, call an expert. At Colonial at Home, we have Nurse Care Managers who will listen to current concerns. They can then provide you with potential options and pricing you can take back to your family to discuss. Whether you start with just two hours a week of services, or a full 24-hours a day, plans are constantly adjusting to your daily needs. Our Butler County clients utilize a wide range of services, including help with light housekeeping, medication reminders, pharmacy pickups, meal prep, laundry, grocery shopping and more.

Prices vary with services offered. Our Care Managers can best assist you with pricing, but Colonial at Home services typically cost between $20-26 dollars per hour. Couples rates are available.

Create a flexible plan

Situations change. A plan that seems great one week may not work the next. Your loved one may need more help for a while, but then need less. Even if your loved ones don’t feel they need help, sometimes it is nice to try it out for a bit to see if having that help can make a positive difference.

Why choose Colonial at Home?

We know there are other options out there, and they all likely have reasons why they are the best. So, allow us to boast for one moment. Community First Solutions is a not-for-profit organization that has been serving older adults in this community for 100 years. When clients choose Colonial at Home, they are choosing to benefit from the entire family of services available through Community First Solutions. This means, as needs change, we are here to help you navigate the process while providing a continuity of care. Allow us to partner with you to ensure peace of mind that your loved one is taken care of when you can’t be there.

Call (513) 889-2461 to make an appointment with a Care Manager to develop a customized service plan to meet your needs. For more information visit our website