Lucile Reed does not like to put up a fuss, even on her 100th birthday. She told her children and grandchildren she didn’t need anything special for this milestone.

“She’s stubborn, but we’re stubborn too,” laughed her daughter. “We came in from Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Alaska to celebrate Mom.”

The family piled into her dining room at her Fairfield home for a surprise reunion where she met her seven month-old great grandson for the first time.

Even though this is a very special birthday, her rituals stay the same.

“The first thing in the morning on my birthday, I always open up my birthday cards at breakfast,” said Lucile. “I just love opening them all the morning of, because it makes the day feel special.”

Community First Solutions wants to wish Lucile a very happy 100th birthday. We were honored to be a part of such a big surprise! We hope you enjoyed your birthday cake, card from Community First employees and Colonial Schools’ students, and your balloon. More importantly, we hope you enjoy quality time with your family.

Do you or someone you know is celebrating their one hundredth year in 2018? Community First wants to party with you! To request a complimentary birthday cake baked by The Almond Sisters, a local Hamilton bakery, delivered by Community First ambassadors visit and click on “Community First Turns 100” or call Melissa Hard at (513) 785-4051. Be prepared to provide the name, address and birth date of the individual celebrating an upcoming 100th birthday, and the contact information for an individual Community First can work with nearer the date to arrange for delivery.