Pat Ganz - Women's Right To Vote

2020 A Year of Celebration

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Pat wore a mask for too long and it cut off oxygen to her brain”.  But no, I haven’t lost it yet. In a year of a worldwide pandemic, quarantine, shortages and political unrest what possibly could we have to celebrate? How about the passage of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote? 100 years ago women were finally allowed a voice in our democracy. My grandmother, Rose Cook Sherlock (pictured below), was a suffragette and marched with other brave women from all parts of Butler County on High Street in downtown Hamilton carrying signs and asking for equality. Rose Cook Sherlock

When the bill was signed into law and the celebration was over my grandmother and her sisters walked to the board of elections and registered. From that day on she never missed an election. In the last 10+ years of her life she was also a poll worker. Grandma never learned  to drive so she always walked or took a bus if available, everywhere she went. That is how important it was for her to exercise this freedom. We are fortunate that our trip to the polls is much easier. In fact, if you vote early or get a mail in ballot you don’t have to go at all.

Rose Cook Sherlock

November is a perfect time for all women, and the men who love and respect them, to honor all the women who came before us and who fought for this privilege to vote. Let’s have a record turnout as we celebrate this wonderful anniversary.

If you need voting information, or to obtain a mail in ballot, contact your county's Board of Elections. You can also vote early in-person at your county's Board of Elections building. The most important thing is that you cast your vote. We have many options available, so no excuses. VOTE!

We can also celebrate all the wonderful people at Berkeley Square and Westover who have gone out of their way to make things easier for us during this unusual and difficult time and we thank them. God bless you and God bless America.

Pat Ganz
Chairperson of Resident Council at Berkeley Square


Pat Ganz - 100 Anniversary Women's Right To Vote