Our History

Established in 1918, Community First Solutions is a not-for-profit organization that touches the lives of more than 30,000 Butler County residents annually. We are one of the leading providers of mental health and behavioral services in the region, the largest provider of home delivered meals in Butler County, the operator of two highly-rated senior living communities, the founder of the second not-for-profit pharmacy network in the nation, and one of the largest employers in the city of Hamilton.

One Gift That Became a Community 

One hundred years ago, a single gift from one individual developed into one of the largest not-for-profits in the region. Growing with the needs of Butler County, Community First proactively initiates programs that help our friends and neighbors.


In 1918 | The single gift of a Dayton Street home established Colonial, a leading provider of older adult and multi-generational services.

In 1954 | The “You’re As Young As You Think” group is incorporated, establishing today’s Partners In Prime as the second senior center in the state of Ohio.

In 1964 | The Community Home Association purchased a five acre tract of land on the west side of Hamilton, the site of a new residence that would be named Westover.

In 1974 | Community Behavioral Health, known first as Buckeye Center then as Horizon Services, became a freestanding alcohol inpatient detoxification & rehabilitation program.

In 1984 | Colonial School opened as Westover Preparatory School, becoming one of the first preschools in the nation to embrace intergenerational learning.

In 1989 | Berkeley Square Retirement Community opened with 27 Independent Living Homes.

In 2008 | Community First Pharmacy opened, establishing the 2nd full service retail not-for-profit pharmacy in the nation.

In 2010 | these organizations united under their non-profit parent company, Community First Solutions, and committed to developing dynamic services that help more people, more often.

In 2011 | Launched the parent company, Community First Solutions, uniting the not-for-profit subsidiaries of Colonial, Community Behavioral Health, and Community First Pharmacy.

In 2012 | Community First Solutions acquired the not-for-profit subsidiary of Partners in Prime.

In 2017 | Jamestowne Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy opened, featuring 42,000 square feet of space, 42 private suites, and innovative specialized therapy programs.

In 2018 | Community First Pharmacy celebrates the opening of their second location in Middletown, OH.

In 2019 | Community First acquires LifeSpan.

In 2020 | Third Community First Pharmacy is scheduled to open in Dayton, OH this January.