Where to Give


For more than a century, thousands of individuals, corporations, and foundations have made a difference in the lives of others by becoming part of our family of donors.  Whether large or small, these gifts are important and play an invaluable role in how we continue to carry out our mission.  

An unrestricted gift to Community First allows our leadership to make timely decisions about where resources are most needed.  The flexibility of unrestricted gifts enables us to quickly respond to high-priority projects or newly emerging or future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made.  You have the option of making an unrestricted gift to Community First Solutions or any of the  organizations in its not-for-profit network: Colonial, Partners in Prime, Community Behavioral Health, LifeSpan and Community First Pharmacy. 



Giving to Community First Solutions allows you to choose from a variety of restricted funds. These may be funds related to capital improvements, employee scholarships, life care, services for homebound individuals, wellness, and behavioral health programs, to name a few. Often, a donor establishes a fund for a cause they wish to champion. Restricted funds are only used for the purpose in which they were given or raised. Funds with a restricted purpose include:

Behavioral Health

Gifts to the behavioral health fund support a variety of behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse programs, including but not limited to: individual counseling, family support, assessment and evaluation, group counseling, education, and treatment.

Capital and Facility Improvement

Gifts to the capital and facility improvement fund help pay for capital improvements and maintenance of property throughout Community First Solutions. Capital improvement gifts may also be directed to a particular campus or facility.

Colonial Life Care

Life Care was established to benefit Colonial residents who, through no fault of their own, are unable to pay the full cost of their care and do not qualify for government programs, such as Medicaid. Although Medicaid may benefit residents who need long-term nursing care, Medicaid does not provide assistance to all who live in assisted and independent living. 

Employee Emergency

Gifts to the employee emergency fund help staff experiencing an immediate or severe financial struggle due to an emergency. An emergency is defined as unforeseen circumstance that calls for immediate action and assistance relief. Examples of an emergency include loss of property due to a storm or fire, loss of spouse’s employment, significant personal health crisis, death of an immediate family member, etc.

Memory Care

This fund helps to improve the quality of care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia by supporting programs that provide the latest evidence-based care interventions, as well as providing staff education and training specific to memory care.

The FLEET – Transportation Services

A gift to the transportation fund helps ensure access to essential services such as medical care and grocery shopping, and allows older adults to continue to live independently in their homes.