Kelley Lawrence - Vice President, Health Services


Kelley is responsible for overseeing clinical support teams and maintaining licensures for Berkeley Square, Westover, and Jamestowne. An interest in working with the older adult population and interacting with clients led Kelley to obtain her administrator's license, and she has served as an administrator for over 15 years. Kelley enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, including her husband, three children, and two step children.

Miranda Sitchanoff – Assistant Vice President, Health Services


Miranda has worked in the long term care industry since 2002. In her role, Miranda serves as the administrator at Berkeley Square, and also oversees and assists in day-to-day operations at Jamestowne and Westover. As an administrator, Miranda is passionate about overcoming challenges and working to help staff members succeed. In her spare time, Miranda enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children.

Wendy Brown – Director of Nursing, Jamestowne


With over 26 years of nursing experience, Wendy is committed to providing the highest quality of care in the skilled nursing facility environment.  She is passionate about upholding the integrity of the nursing profession and serving others with compassion and love. Wendy has worked with Community First Solutions for over 11 years, where she previously served as Director of Nursing at Westover.

Cindy Zachel – Director of Nursing, Berkeley Square


As a registered nurse for nearly 40 years, Cindy’s experience spans across a wide range of health services including emergency nursing and long-term care. Cindy is passionate about making sure that older adults receive the best care and that they are respected for their contributions throughout their lives. In her spare time, Cindy likes to enjoy the outdoors


Cindy Parrish – Service Excellence Ambassador

Cindy Parrish

As a native Hamiltonian, Cindy has dedicated her career to serving her community. She is responsible for working with short-term stay patients and their families to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of care and are connected to the many resources offered through Community First. Cindy serves as a welcoming and friendly face throughout patients' entire stays, and collaborates closely with clinical and non-clinical team members to ensure patient needs are met.

Megan Brooks – Social Services Care Coordinator

Megan Brooks

Megan’s main focus is to ensure the success of patients after they transition home. She is passionate about providing patients with everything they need to succeed, from information to connection with services. As a 15 year veteran in the medical field, the most rewarding part of her job is knowing that she makes a difference in patients’ lives. Outside of her career, Megan enjoys spending time with her three children, and cheering them on in football, wrestling, and dance.