Sitting across the kitchen table from one another, Phyllis Cooper and Tracy Conover exchange laughs over a stack of forms. Filling out paperwork never looked so fun. 

“People like Tracy who come in to help me are more than just people,” says Mrs. Cooper. “They are my friends. Tracy, she’s my eyes too.”

Legally blind, Mrs. Cooper is unable to complete certain tasks on her own. That’s why Tracy, an Independent Living Assistant at Community First, is there to assist her. This morning, they are completing important utility assistance forms, so Mrs. Cooper doesn’t have to worry about her heating bill this winter.

“I really want to be the first person any of my clients call when they need support or have questions,” says Tracy.

“Oh you know I don’t hesitate to call,” laughs Mrs. Cooper. “I trust her a million times over.”

Tracy has connected Mrs. Cooper with many other programs that keep her independent, like coordinating the Fleet to transport her to a free local art class for older adults. She also receives fresh, healthy food from Meals on Wheels and even more services like laundry and house cleaning.

“As you get older, life changes so much. It can be scary, but you have to learn to trust people,” says Mrs. Cooper. “My friends from Community First make me feel special. They care about me as a person. That’s so important. You can certainly trust them.”

Community First is proud to serve clients like Mrs. Cooper and to hire employees like Tracy who do everything they can to keep older adults like Mrs. Cooper independent and well cared for. Let us earn your trust, visit to see how we can help you or someone you love.