Michaela Grevey’s magnetic personality pulls you in instantly. Within one interaction, you feel as if you have been friends with her for ages.

“I am not shy at all,” she explains. “I just love people, especially everyone at Jamestowne.”

Walking down the halls with Michaela, it’s easy to see the feeling is mutual. Nurses stop to smile and tell her how much she’s improved. Patients wave as they sit in the common area and visit with one another. The receptionist has a great big smile when she asks Michaela about an earlier outing with her daughter, Jill.  The kitchen staff tells her they are cooking up some her favorites for dinner, and therapists chime in and say, “Good! You’re walking! Keep it up!”

Everybody is so encouraging and kind to Michaela, but moments like these are repeated with every guest who stays at Jamestown. Here, it’s about finding strength in others while you regain yours.

“Everyone here knows exactly what you are going through. You can’t help but feel like we are all in this together,” says Michaela. “The nurses, therapists, and staff do everything they can to please. Don’t get me wrong; they know when to give you a little tough love, because that’s what gets you better. They make me be more independent. I have so much more confidence in myself because of them. That’s why it’s tremendous here.”

The supportive atmosphere makes Jamestowne a special place to heal. We believe that strengthening your spirit is just as important as strengthening your body. Surrounding yourself with positive people who build you up and make you feel good about yourself helps you get better, faster.

“I am going to miss everyone,” says Michaela. “The staff keeps telling me they are going to visit me at home. I know they will.”

To find out more about how Jamestowne can help you or your loved on heal, visit: https://www.community-first.org/what-we-do/post-acute-care