Chuck didn’t have to search far to find a highly specialized therapy program for his post-polio syndrome.

Even though it is an increasingly uncommon condition, Jamestowne, a post-acute care facility located on the west side of Hamilton, offered the type of outpatient physical therapy Chuck needed.

“My doctor recommended that I find a good therapist who was familiar with post-polio syndrome to help me slow down the process of my condition,” he explains. “I thought I would be hard-pressed to find someone who could help me, but I ended up finding the right person the first place I looked—Jamestowne.”

Amy Bower, Rehab Clinical Leader at Jamestowne, had previous experience with post-polio syndrome and knew exactly how to help Chuck maintain his strength and continue living his full, active life.

“We focus on a wide range of needs, and incorporate many specialized therapies,” explains Amy. “I know Chuck was relieved to find someone who could help him because it can be a struggle to find a therapist with that knowledge base. I was so happy to use my experience to help him achieve his goals.”

The pair immediately went to work on a personalized exercise plan for Chuck’s physical therapy. Amy helped him understand what exercises were the right for his body and created routines he could do at his gym Elements Wellness Center or his home at Berkeley Square.

“My favorite exercises by far were in the pool,” he explains. “It’s the first thing I tell people they have to see when they visit. It is awesome.”

Our state-of-the-art Hydroworx Warm Water Therapy pool is one of only two of its kind in Butler County. It allowed Chuck to do low to no impact exercises which helped his strength, flexibility, and endurance without tiring him or causing pain.

“I felt like I could just do so much more in the pool. That was really empowering,” he says.

A year later, Chuck is doing really well and has maintained his strength.

“I really can’t say enough about Amy and Jamestowne and all they did for me,” says Chuck.

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