Whether you are healing from an injury, recovering after surgery, or regaining your strength following a health struggle, at Jamestowne our medical team wants to make sure you experience the best. With a rejuvenating environment that feels more like a five-star hotel than a medical facility, our highly trained staff utilizes the best technology and methods available to ensure your speedy recovery. Here are some tips they have for making the most of your stay with us.


  1. Get Out to Get Better

While bedside service is typical in a hospital, the key to faster healing is to get out of bed and get moving. This can be as simple as taking a walk outdoors in our gardens, or to our restaurant-style dining room to select and enjoy a meal packed full of fresh ingredients that will fuel your recovery.  While you are out and about, find encouragement from other guests, or entertain your visitors in family-room style common areas. Don’t forget to check out the daily list of activities, such as art classes, concerns from visiting music groups, guest speakers or board game competitions. Keeping your mind active and positive is just as important as the therapy you will be doing with our medical team and by enjoying books, iPads, and brain puzzles from the traveling cart.    


  1. Work With Purpose

Work with your medical team to set goals that will keep you motivated and working toward a successful recovery as quickly as possible. Jamestowne offers therapy seven days a week. That means there are almost always physical therapists here to answer your questions, offer advice, and give you guidance on the best and fastest way to heal. Recovering at Jamestowne also means you have physical therapy session more often than you would at home. Attending every therapy session can help you gain strength, independence, and confidence.

  1. Do Some Extra Credit

Ask your therapist for additional exercises you can do in your room. The extra work might speed up your recovery and get you home earlier than you anticipated.

After your recovery is over, continue to stay active by working out at Elements Wellness Center, which is specifically designed for older adult fitness. Elements is more than a gym; it’s a place to belong. Our knowledgeable trainers know everything you need to stay healthy and out of the hospital. Visit https://www.community-first.org/elements to learn more.

  1. Choose the Best


You have a choice where you recover. By choosing Jamestown, you choose a philosophy that healing begins from the outside in. Environment matters. Clinical expertise matters. You matter.

We are much more than a building where you seek therapeutic services. Our goal is to be your home away from home with luxury accommodations, attentive and encouraging staff members, and individualized strategic recovery plans to help you achieve wellness.


Make the most out of your recovery with us. Visit Community-first.org for more information.