Dr. John Lewis has always been called to care for others. As the longtime Pastor at The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton, in the heart of downtown, he cares for an entire community.  At 101, his mother Margret is in great health. She lives independently in her own home at Berkeley Square, but needs a little extra help sometimes. Pastor John loves taking care of his mom, but the demands of two full-time obligations recently became a challenge.

Colonial at Home became the solution.

“They immediately took the stress off of everyone,” says Pastor John.

From the very first day, Colonial at Home proved to be an asset to the Lewis family. An experienced team of caregivers and care managers helped him understand his mom’s daily routines and developed a personalized care plan that best fit Margret’s needs.

“Instead of making lists, cleaning the house, running errands, and stressing about making it to all the doctor’s appointments, I was able to be a son again,” he says. “It dramatically lightened the load, and improved our family dynamics.”

For a few hours each morning and evening, a Colonial at Home caregiver comes in to check on Margret. They help with daily tasks like laundry and light house cleaning, running errands, preparing meals, and helping her answer the telephone.

“My caregivers are absolute miracles,” says Margret. “They are so loving and compassionate. They support me spiritually by talking to me and holding my hand while I say my blessings. As a wife and mother of pastors, that is so important. Faith is what really keeps us all going.” 

As a Community First Solutions board member, John knows first-hand the impact of our services. He adds that from his research and experience, he has found that Colonial at Home has a high level of quality care that can’t be found anywhere else.

 “They are so in tune with everything she needs,” he says. “They are amazing at anticipating problems before they even surface. That early detection has been a life-saver for us. Honestly, you can’t put a price on the peace of mind Colonial at Home brings.”

Colonial at Home ensures that the time that you spend with your family is quality time. Instead of doing chores and running errands, you can spend more time making memories. Our caregivers take the time to get to know the clients and the family well, becoming an extension of the support network already in place.

We understand that each family’s needs are different. Whether you start with just two hours a week of services, or a full 24-hours a day, plans are constantly adjusted to your daily needs. Call (513) 889-2461 to make an appointment with a Care Manager to develop the best plan for your family.

For more information visit our website https://www.community-first.org/what-we-do/other-programs/home-care-services.