Look out below! CRASH! Sometimes, opening up your medicine cabinet can feel like you are trying to avoid an avalanche. One false move and all those bottles could come tumbling down. Life gets so busy, it’s easy to forget something as small as a leftover prescription. Have you ever wondered how to properly dispose of your medications?

Our team at Community First Pharmacy offers three easy ways to help you safely dispose of your medications. 


  1. Drug Take Back Events

Across the nation pharmacies and organizations offer Drug Take Back Days where you can bring your extra, expired, or unwanted medications to be properly disposed to local law enforcement agencies. You can find out about these events by doing a simple internet search.


  1. Kitty Litter or Coffee Grounds

Kitty litter and coffee grounds are an effective way to help break down your non-opioid pills. Place them in an enclosed can for a few days, then toss the remnants into the trash can. 


  1. Flush them

If you have opioid medications, the best form of disposal besides Drug Take Back Days is to flush them down your toilet. While coffee grounds and kitty litter will work, children and pets still might be able to accidently ingest them. Flushing the pills down the toilet ensures they stay out of reach, and keep your pets and children safe.


For leftover syringes, needles, and diabetic testing supplies, get a sharps container that could be covered by your insurance or store them in a leftover two liter bottle, or laundry detergent bottle to throw in trash. Disposing of them in a container ensures fingers won’t get pricked or the trash bag won’t get punctured.

Community First Pharmacy is there to help you with your busy life. That’s why we offer personalized, convenient services like syncing all of your refills so you can pick up all your medications with us at one time. That saves you time, and our not-for-profit mission saves you money. Our new app and website also makes filing prescriptions faster and easier than ever.

Access our pill database; view informational videos about medications; schedule a pill reminder; and keep track of everything you are taking. It’s like having your own pocket pharmacy.

Community First Pharmacy accepts all insurances. You can easily switch all of your prescriptions to us by giving us a phone call at 513-645-5477 or by transferring them online.  

You can find even more information on how to properly dispose of your medical waste by visiting http://epa.ohio.gov/ocapp/rx or at https://www.fda.gov/drugs/resourcesforyou/consumers/buyingusingmedicinesafely/ensuringsafeuseofmedicine/safedisposalofmedicines/