Fraud can happen to anyone, anywhere. However, the older adult population is most at risk because criminals operate on the assumption that they will have large sums of money in bank accounts, pensions, or retirement funds.

The scariest part? These scams are not always obvious. They come in the form of the person you’ve been talking to through a dating website- a sweet person you feel like you know well. Or a phone call telling you your bank account has been closed and you need to call back for assistance. Others are more obvious, like e-mails proclaiming that you’ve won a cash prize without entering a contest or a letter with misspelled words asking you to send back your private information.

Luckily, this issue has not gone unnoticed. There are many sources that aim to educate on protection against fraud, as well as people who will work to defend the victims of these scams.

Learn more about AARP’s fraud prevention task force below.

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