Grandparents have a special way of loving us. They speak to our hearts and support us like no one else. That is certainly the case for Community First Pharmacy Manager, Ashley Hoehn and her grandfather David Pohl.

Fourteen years ago, Ashley’s grandfather was struggling to find joy after losing of his beloved wife of 58 years. Ashley’s Aunt suggested he start volunteering to help him find a new purpose. Taking her advice, he began helping at Bethesda North Hospital’s Pharmacy. Ashley saw how much working there helped her grandfather, which solidified her passion for pharmacy.

“I was just starting college and I saw how much he enjoyed working there,” says Ashley. “He encouraged me to go for it and become a pharmacist. It was the extra motivation I needed to pursue that goal.”

Besides Ashley and her grandfather, no one else in the family works in a pharmacy.

“When someone understands what you do, it gives you a little extra connection,” says Ashley. “I love my grandpa, and I love that special bond we share because of our love for pharmacy.”

Community First Solutions pharmacists are passionate about people and helping families carry on the tradition of love by keeping them well. We consider all of our clients a part of our family and do everything possible to deliver you the best care.

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