On the end of a long exhale, Gene Derickson pulls his entire body weight forward to complete the last rep of his weekly workout with Josie Radar, a personal trainer at Elements Wellness Center. Beaming with pride, she congratulates Gene on a strong finish and gives him a high five. Tone and lean, he is in great shape by anyone’s standards, let alone for a 99-year-old.  

“I used to think I was getting old at age 70,” he jokes. “Then I realized age is just a number. You are never too old to start exercising. You can be fit and healthy at any age.”

Growing up, Gene wasn’t particularly athletic, but he always remained active. He didn’t even own a gym membership until he was 63.

A long-time Elements Wellness Center member, he always makes it a point to visit his friends and trainers at least a few times a week. Josie and the staff help him maintain his muscle tone, which helps him recover quickly from injury or illness. More than that, they help him feel good.  

“They really are the best there is,” says Gene. “There is no doubt in my mind they help keep me well.” 

Elements Wellness Centers provides Gene with personal training sessions, a variety of group classes, a pool, and so much more to help him to stay fit. Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, Elements integrates not only physical but also social and spiritual aspects, making it a place for everyone fifty-five and older to have fun while getting fit. It also offers specialized training services designed to help you strengthen your body and provide relief from chronic conditions.


Membership is affordable and could be covered by your insurance. Call  (513) 896-8087 for more information or registration or visit Community-First.org/elements/membership