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“Come on Tex, you got this,” says Jamestowne therapist John Manhollen to his patient, James Timmons.

James, beaming but out of breath, steps up and reaches the top of the small flight of stairs. His smile is akin to Rocky throwing his fists in the air after scaling the Philadelphia Art Museum steps.

Like Rocky, the odds were stacked against James. Yet, he is emerging from his struggle a champion.

“When he came to us, he didn’t have enough strength to sit up on the side of his bed without falling over,” explains John. “But, he was motivated to get better. He never balked at any challenge we put in front of him.”

James came to Jamestowne after a serious fall in his bathroom.  He was so weak, no one was certain if he would ever walk again.

“We fooled them,” James says with a wink. 

With hard work, determination, and a good sense of humor, he recovered beyond all expectations. Now, he is not only able to walk in a walker, he’s conquering stairs with the help of his therapists.

“There’s really no secret to my success,” says James. “I’m better because of the people here. From the nurses, therapists, the private rooms, and everything in between, it is wonderful here at Jamestowne. I would never want to recover anywhere else.”

James is going home stronger than he has been in years. Although he is leaving Jamestowne, the relationships he built here will keep him coming back, even if it’s just for a quick hello and a tip of his signature cowboy hat.

At Jamestowne, post-acute rehabilitation is a team effort. It takes grit from the individual to make it happen, and a supportive staff that encourages patients reach their personal goals. No matter the prognosis, we have hope our patients will beat the odds and regain their independence.

“I’m there to help set the goals, but our patients are the ones who put in the work,” says John. “I can’t help be proud for James, and all our clients like him who work hard and exceed expectations.”

By blending the luxuries of five-star accommodations with our trusted five-star clinical expertise, our post-acute services offer unmatched comfort and quality that helps you heal faster with a staff who wants you to be the champion of your recovery story.

Let us help lead you or your loved one to victory, visit our website at or call (513) 785-4800.