He didn’t have much, but Harvey Beebe was a gracious and generous giver to friends and family. It’s something the Beebe family will always cherish about him.

Although they won’t be celebrating Christmas with their father and grandfather this year, they wanted to honor him by adding a few extra gifts to their Christmas lists to place under a The Subaru Share the Love Giving Tree at Community First.

“When we discussed it as a family, we all agreed that he would have loved us to do something like this,” says Lynn Beebe. “We just thought that we needed to keep his memory alive by sharing the love we have for him with someone else who needed it this year.”



Harvey was an active member of Partner’s in Prime for 18 years. He never missed a dance or a chance to get together with friends and neighbors at Westover.

“Community First played a huge role in his social life,” says Lynn. “We are so thankful of the friendship and care he received with their services. We decided to honor their part in his life by doing something with them for the holidays.”

We are so thankful for families like the Beebes who want to share their love with others. Their gift is such a beautiful tribute to the memory of someone who was very loved.

While our Giving Trees are coming to a close, you can honor a loved one's memory by making a gift in their name by clicking here. Your gifts ensure that we can share the love all year round by providing programs that allow people to come together and services individuals need to live their best life.