Rob Wile has been many things to the Hamilton community, from an eight-year tenure on City Council to his work as a partner at United Heartland Insurance Agencies. He’s also been an incredibly active participant in the many programs and services in the Community First Solutions network, including his service roles in leadership. His passion comes through when he speaks about Community First, because he clearly understands how the connections within our organization uniquely position us to support our community.

For instance, he was involved when Community First heard about the possibility of a not-for-profit pharmacy. 

There was a compelling reason to create a new thing, to meet this need for affordable medication. When we learned about the not-for-profit pharmacy, leadership immediately wanted to start moving on it. It starts with an entire focus on mission; I love that about this organization.

Rob helped to found the first not-for-profit pharmacy in Hamilton through Community First, serving as a board member and assisting with formation and management.

Rob jokes that if there is a service provided through the Community First network, his family will use it; there is a long-term foundation of trust that helps them choose local Butler County resources rather. For instance, he knows multiple people who speak highly of the care they’ve received through Community Behavioral Health.

Family members and friends have hit a crossroads in life where they need guidance or intensive case management. They have had a really positive outcome because there’s a really strong professional staff there. There was no one supporting the community in that fashion, and Community First stepped up and said ‘there’s a huge compelling need.’

Both Rob and his wife have seen their mothers move to a Community First campus, with his mother at Berkeley Square and her mother at Westover. During tough moments in their health journeys, Rob was grateful to see staff from one facility or the other who were familiar faces. The long-term, committed staff brought their family comfort and helped them know that, no matter what life brings, there would be the consistency of quality care.

“My mom lived in independent living for more than two years and then transitioned through the various levels of service. The people in assisted living were really wonderful; they went well beyond the call of duty, and my sister Karen and I knew we’d made the right decision,” said Rob.

When Rob’s mother wanted to remain in her independent living condo, she and her family both appreciated the assistance of Colonial At Home.

She was part of that greatest generation that were very self-reliant down to their DNA; they lived through a lot. She loved the caregivers; she looked forward to the companionship, and she trusted them. They have such heart and dedication.

As if these many services weren’t enough, Wile’s own daughters attended Colonial School, where he truly believes the foundations for their education were set. 

“The program was really caring and nurturing,” he said. “They were absolutely headed where they needed to be with the Colonial School program; it created that love of learning really early.”

One thing that Community First hopes for, in aggregating various programs under one network, is to create a reputation for quality that helps you and your family find all the resources you need. Rob has seen this in his life and the lives of his extended family. 

When I think of Community First Solutions, I think that the name absolutely fits. It started with ‘Start with the community, and we’ll find solutions.’ It starts with the volunteers and employees, you all are connected into the community. You’re finding solutions rather than dwelling on obstacles; it’s a philosophy that transcends.

Whether it’s providing affordable medication or offering to host events at the delicious Coach House, Community First is filling practical, day-to-day needs and helping families to make positive memories along the way.

If there’s a compelling need in the community, Community First finds a way.