Kids with Ruby's Card

Ruby Wyatt is 100 years young. She was born in London, Kentucky to Ella and Austin on February 24, 1918.

“My parents were good people,” said Ruby. “My mother and I were thick as could be. My father, he was just a good man. He agreed with whatever we did.” 

Her parents instilled values of hard work and a strong faith that remain with her today.

She met the love of her life, Harry, through his brother. In Ruby’s words, they were married for “a good while” (more than sixty-five years to be exact).

“Harry was the best man,” smiled Ruby. “He did everything to please me.”  

They made a home together on Stahlheber Road in Hamilton. They were not idle people, he worked at Beckett Paper Mill while she worked at Woolworths.

“I loved working there,” said Ruby. “I took care of everybody.”

She was such an exemplary employee her boss offered her a pension for as long as she lived. She still swells with pride at the mention of that accomplishment.

Harry and Ruby raised four children: Frida, Fern, Sam and baby Johnny. Today, their love spans several generations. As a tribute, one of her great-grandchildren named their daughter Ruby Ella. After her and her mother, because they wanted their daughter to be just like them.

When asked what her secret was to living a long life:

 “I didn’t know I had any secrets,” she explained. “I just keep going.” She often encourages people to work as long as they can because, “working never killed nobody.”

Ruby, Community First is honored to share our birthday with you. We hope enjoy your cake, balloon, and special cards from Community First employees and Colonial Schools students. We wish you the best on special day and that it is filled with lots of family and love. We were happy to make this, as you said, “a birthday you will never forget.” Happy birthday, Ruby!

Ruby Wyatt