Jonnie Carrethers is the definition of a giver.

Whether she is going the extra mile as a caregiver at Community First, or she is volunteering around the community, giving back to her community is second nature.

“I’m just doing what I can, while I can, until I can’t do it anymore.” she says.

She makes a difference in small ways, like pruning a rose bush to make a client smile; or in big ways, like acting as fundraising chair for the Booker T. Washington Community Center (BTWCC).

“It takes a community to support something as important as BTWCC,” she says. “Being fundraising chair is my way to make sure that it will still be here for everyone who relies on it.”


kids at BTWCC

BTWCC provides educational, recreational, and social services to support the needs of the youth, seniors and low-income families in primarily the 2nd and 4th wards of Hamilton. It has swim classes, baseball, prom walks, programs for at risk teens, free English Language Learning courses for adults and more. For 84 years, it has been a safe-haven and an important part of the community.

Another big way Jonnie gives back is by organizing meals through Bethel Baptist Church for 100 struggling people. Every fourth Tuesday of the month, she and a group of volunteers cook a good meal and serve it with respect and dignity to the people who need it most.

“It’s a very humbling experience,” she says. “It really helps you realize all that we really want is not what we actually need. It’s a blessing for me to help provide people with something they need. Just like I take care of my children and my family, I want to take care of my neighbors and all the people around me. It’s just what I am called to do.”

Community First Solutions is proud to have employees like Jonnie, who constantly give of themselves and do everything they can to love their neighbors.

If you would like to help BTWCC continue its mission, or support Jonnie and her efforts, you can purchase tickets for its next fundraiser; a tea on Nov. 3. To purchase your tickets or to make a donation, call the center at (513) 785-2451.