Under quarantine, new stresses and anxieties can manifest in isolation. In a tweet on March 14th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said, “Mental health challenges go up during health crises. Take care of yourself and take care of your neighbors. We need to take care of each other. We are in this for the long run, this isn't going to end overnight.”

Tele-health services have boomed as people are seeking counselors and behavioral health specialists to help cope with this extreme change in lifestyle. Karen Klein, a Mental Health Clinician and Licensed Professional Counselor at Community Behavioral Health (CBH) in Hamilton, noticed an immediate change.

“Many of my clients are fearful to leave their homes,” states Klein, “the tele-health sessions have been life changing.”

CBH has remained opened during the entirety of the pandemic, and has seen a steady rise in new clients since May 1st. All clients – whether just getting started, or those who have been with us for some time – report increased depression, uncertainty, and anxiety, even in those clients who never exhibited those symptoms before.

CBH quickly adopted the popular Zoom video conferencing format to expand counseling options for individuals who have health concerns, scheduling issues, or conflicts with childcare, transportation, or health related limitations. 

“Clients love tele-health with Zoom,” says Klein. “Today’s technology allows us to see each other, I can see their body language, and they can see my smile.”

You can set up a tele-health conference today by calling (513) 887-8500.

A typical tele-health screening takes 20-30 minutes, as an intake specialist conducts a short survey and interview over the phone. This determines what personalized services the client needs, verifies insurance, or begins the application for funds if the client does not have insurance. At the end, the client leaves the virtual “meeting” with a plan, an assigned expert in the field, and a Zoom link sent via email for future sessions.

“If you can text, you can do this!” 

For individuals who prefer face to face, our building is open and we encourage walk-in assessments Mondays through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., where the same screening process occurs in-person, no appointment needed. Visit Community Behavioral Health at 820 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Hamilton, OH 45011