Through recent funding from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, our staff are continuing their education to better serve their clients and our community. We are constantly impressed with the Community Behavioral Health team and their dedication and passion.

Jail Services Supervisor
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III
Qualified Mental Health Specialist

Communication is key when providing the level of quality care that we provide to clients and Lindsey recently recognized that we were missing a piece. Learning American Sign Language will allow Lindsey to be available for conversations with our deaf and hard of hearing clients across our entire organization! Sometimes communicating a simple “Hello, my name is Lindsey”; can make all the difference to a client.

Continuing Education - Lindsey Baker

SUD (Substance Use Disorders) Administrative Supervisor
Licensed in Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant

Having started as a PRN counselor, Stephanie knows first-hand as a supervisor the work that her counselors are doing and the struggles they may face. With her graduation last week with her Master’s in Sociology; Stephanie is now able to clinically supervise her staff ensuring that they are being fully supported and providing the best care possible to clients.
Continuing Education - Stephanie BrashearCHLOE HIBBARD ESTES
Substance Abuse Counselor
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Many clients experience co-occurring disorders (mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously), which makes finding integrated care challenging. Chloe saw this barrier and chose to work toward a solution. She is taking the next steps in her career to provide a consistent continuum of care to her clients. She is getting her Master’s in Social Work, and will be able to see clients of all needs while also providing diagnostic assistance to her colleagues.

Continuing Education - Chloe Hibbard Estes

Case Manager
Qualified Mental Health Specialist

Diego is taking the first step in his long-term goal of becoming a family therapist. For him, the most rewarding element of his work is breaking down the barriers clients face, to see them open up and get comfortable when dealing with stressful situations. His continued education will increase the number of clients he can see and the impact he is having on the community.

Continuing Education - Diego Sanchez

Case Manager / Community Care Coordinator
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III

Over time and through experience, Tomeka saw that there was a gap in serving clients and not the entire family. Earning her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy trained Tomeka to address a spectrum of challenges such as relationship stressors, family dysfunction, parenting concerns, and behavioral difficulties facing families, couples, adults and children. These skills will allow her to recognize potential issues before they begin and provide more all-inclusive care to our clients. Her goal is to efficiently reduce the number of potential future clients.

Continuing Education - Tomeka Smiley