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VP of Behavioral Health Services, Erin Day

Erin Day

Erin is responsible for the strategic vision and daily management and operations of Community Behavioral Health. She ensures that high quality of care is provided for all behavioral health patients including medication management, substance abuse care, peer support services, and much more. She brings over 15 years of behavioral health direct and supervisory service and is a level three Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and trained in the Ohio Risk Assessment System.

Executive Director of Behavioral Health Services, Bob Tucker


Mental Health Case Manager

Our mental health case managers are all certified as Qualified Mental Health Specialists to better assist clients with their mental health needs, and to maximize their personal levels of independence. Case managers offer a wide variety of services including individual sessions to focus on housing options, assistance with court appointments, obtaining and keeping entitlements, and education on resources available within the community. Weekly group sessions are offered, and focus on budgeting finances, basic living skills, cooking, and other life skills. Case managers also help link clients with other modes of care such as psychiatric treatment, mental health counseling, alcohol and drug treatment, and other community organizations or resources that could positively impact the client.

Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors work with clients to help them understand their mental health diagnoses and to learn coping skills for those diagnoses and other life challenges. Mental health counselors also help link clients with other modes of care, such as psychiatric treatment for medication and case management needs. Our mental health counselors are licensed through the State of Ohio.

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Typically chemical dependency counselors meet with clients in a group setting, since this mode of treatment has the highest recovery success rate. In addition to groups, chemical dependency counselors may also meet individually with clients in order to discuss progress and challenges in a more private and personalized setting.  Chemical dependency counselors also help link clients with other modes of care, such as medication assisted treatment for addiction issues and mental health treatment.  Our chemical dependency counselors are licensed through the State of Ohio.

Youth Counselor

Sometimes kids, like adults, can benefit from therapy for mental health and chemical dependency issues. Youth counselors meet with clients in individual, group, or family settings, depending on the child’s needs. To better understand concerns, the counselor may ask questions, play a game or create art with clients. Counseling can help show the value of seeking help while developing valuable problem-solving skills. Counselors offer support without judgement and patiently listen and advocate for clients. Counselors also help link children and caregivers with other modes of care, such as psychiatric medication, case management, and school-based resources.


The prescriber talks with clients about behavioral health issues, and determines a diagnosis by asking questions about life stressors, medical conditions, or drug use. The prescriber then discusses potential treatment options, such as medication or therapy, with the client.

Specialty Counselor

Specialty counselors are highly trained and experienced in working with clients with specialized needs. They help clients with issues such as battering, fatherhood, and other issues that may not fall within the scope of typical counseling. Specialty counselors meet with clients in groups and on an individual basis, depending on client needs. They help clients learn coping skills for the issues causing difficulty in their lives.

Support Staff

When a new client enters our building, they will be greeted by support staff. After a few questions to determine what service the client is seeking, we will then provide the appropriate paperwork. We require that they bring a picture ID and proof of insurance. Depending on the service, the client may be seen that day as a walk-in or will be scheduled for a future appointment. We recommend that clients call our office ahead of visiting, so that we may best serve them upon arrival. Some clients may need to apply for Medicaid and fill out other forms, in which case additional documentation from the client may be required.

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